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Rich has been in the landscaping business for over 20 years. Starting out by buying a small company that he was working for at 18 years old and turning it into the amazing company it is today. Rich takes pride in his work, is dedicated to his customers and has a passion for the business. Our customers become family. Rich is a hands on owner guaranteeing that each job is done to perfection.



Next Generation specializes in full commercial parking lot or building landscapes. From the removal of old plant material, rip out of old lawn areas, to the installation of new trees, plant and lawn areas. We perform all the work ourselves, and have the equipment and crews to meet the needs of our commercial clients whether the job is big or small. Our extensive equipment and crews can meet the needs of your project, including excavation services, trenching, snow plowing and de-icing. We also provide lawn service, seasonal flower programs, mulching and pruning as well.

Lawn Care

Our lawn care (maintenance) program is very important to sustaining a beautiful property. Lawn Maintenance programs are typically 28-32 weeks, starting March and ending in December. A season starts off with a Spring Clean Up, which includes a dethatching , removal of all twigs, leaves, first mowing and maintenance on all beds. The season ends with a Fall clean up, which is a fence to fence removal of all leaves and pruning back all perennials on property. Weekly Maintenance is offered as well with weed whacking of all necessary areas, mowing of all turf areas, blowing the property and swept clean weekly.

Fertilizer Programs

We offer a 7 step fertilizer program. These steps help provide the essential nutrients and chemicals to ensure your lawn is healthy, green, weed and pest free. We also provide applications including pre-emergent crabgrass control, weed control, lawn fertilization, fungus control, lime, surface insect control and grub control. Next Generation is fully certified and licensed by the New York State Department of Conservation. (NYSDEC) As well as our applicators.

Lawn Restoration or Installation

We provide lawn installation whether that be rip out then top soil and over seed or full sod installations. We work with any size job.

Core Aeration

we aerate all turf areas as well as rake any dead grass. Then spot seeding is done as needed. This service takes place in early fall.


Next Generation snow division is a 24/7 operation during a snow storm or ice-event, with crews to meet all your demands. Our priority is to make drive lanes, walkways, sidewalks, loading docks, ramps, and parking lots clear of snow and ice in a timely manner. We take pride in continually investing in new equipment ensuring the job is done as effectively as possible. Our snow services include: snow plowing, shoveling and de-icing walkways, Salt-Sand parking lots, straight salt parking lots, snow piling, snow removal and Bobcat services.


we provide excavating services, land clearing, leveling, grading, site prep and demolition.

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